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Please print this page for use when off line.

To pay the royalty on a locked version, use our secure order form and you will receive the code(s) by return email.

If you have an Online Bible CD:  Start the program with the CD in the drive.

If you do not have an Online Bible CD:  You will need to download and install the Advanced Starter Pack and any other modules from our Online Bible for Windows Page.  After installing the Advanced Starter Pack, download the locked module and double click the downloaded file to cause it to self install.  It will install itself and leave you in the Online Bible.

After the program is open, go to the TOOLS pull-down menu. Select ACTIVATE LOCKED MATERIAL and enter the user name exactly as given.  Select the version and enter the unlock code. Note that each version must be touched with a mouse click to activate the OK button. As each version is unlocked, it will disappear from the list.

If you have problems, please read the following.

It is a generic page so some of the information may not apply to your situation.

If ACTIVATE LOCKED MATERIAL is grayed out on your TOOLS menu, that indicates that there is no version waiting to be unlocked.

If ACTIVATE LOCKED MATERIAL does not appear in the TOOLS menu, go to TOOLS/CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS and be sure that ADVANCED USER MODE is activated.

The most common reason that a version you wish to unlock does not appear in the ACTIVATE LOCKED MATERIAL window is that  you have already unlocked it but not PRESELECTED it (F9).

If you are getting errors when you try to upgrade to a newer version or return to an older one, a way to be sure that your computer has no old Online Bible files that may be interfering with the new installation is - go to START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS and remove the Online bible. After that, remove the folder that was created by the Online Bible which is usually C:\PROGRAM FILES\BIBLE and also the folder MY DOCUMENTS\BIBLE. Our setup program may also be picking up some files left behind in your C:\WINDOWS\TEMP folder by other installers. Delete everything you find in that folder and then rerun the installation.

If you are using a projection program such as Song Show Plus and want to link it to The Online Bible Scripture modules, you will need the Online Bible program as well as the locked file.  If you do not have the Online Bible program on your system, download the ADVANCED STARTER PACK from our web site.  This includes the programming and the Authorized Version (our KJV) for easy installation.  Then install and unlock any royalty versions.

When you go to the Bible page of Song Show Plus, you should find at least The Authorized Version (not just the King James Version). If not, you will have to run a process that they call ACTIVATE ONLINE BIBLE PRO MODULE from the Song Show Plus CD-ROM to create the linkage between Song Show Plus and Online Bible.  If you don't have their second CD, you can download their Pro Module from Song Show Plus

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