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Who We Are

Cross Country Software
4074 Longmoor Drive, Burlington, Ontario  L7L 1X3
3909 Witmer Road Unit 7, Niagara Falls, New York, 14305
Call 1-905-632-2266

90 day money back guarantee - return the product for a refund.
We do not keep your credit card information on file
We never allow our email address list out of our office.

For Technical Help:
1-905-632-2266 (8 am to 5 pm EST)
1-519-664-2266 (12 to 5 pm EST)

Part of our mission over the years has been to support full time missionaries with low cost copies of the Online Bible (sorry, North American pastors, we don't have the resources to include you too). You may receive a copy of The Online Bible Windows DVD at a cost of $10 US including shipping anywhere. For macintosh users, if you are a full time overseas missionary you can receive a copy of the Macintosh Online Bible CD-ROM for $15 (Classic CD) or $55 (Deluxe CD) US including shipping anywhere. You can use the Missionary section of our order page but be sure to mention in the comment window your mission organization and in what field you are serving.

If you have a web site or a mail order business and would like to purchase copies in quantity, please phone Dave Pohl at 1-905-632-2266.

Online Bible has major distributors around the world.

Europe (Continental)
Postbus 9187,
3301 AD Dordrecht,
Tel. (+31) 78 6 316196
Tel. (+31) 78 6 146077
Fax (+31) 78 6 211111
Web Site -

Greg Burgess - Editions Clé
Chateau de St Albain
71260 Saint-Albain
phone: (33) 3 85 27 90 90
fax ; (33) 3 85 33 10 05

Cross Country Software,
4074 Longmoor Drive,
Burlington, ON  L7L 1X3
Tel. (888) 767-2266
Web Site -

Frank Haegler

Online Bible Australia

PO Box 1164
Browns Plains, QLD, 4118

Tel. (61) (07) 3297-1981
Web Site -

New Zealand
Allan Goulstone,
The Online Bible New Zealand
2-49a Ngaio St. St Martins
Christchurch 8022
Tel/Fax: (64) - (3) 337-1065

South Africa and Africa
Robert Smith,
Evangelical Mission Press
P. O. Box 72,
Bellville, 7535,
Cape Town,
Republic of South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21-946-3240/1
Fax: +27 (0)21-949-1475

United Kingdom
Raymond McGahie
Online Bible Foundation
1 Melrose Crescent
01738 628888

Russia and former USSR
Rudenko Alexei
15-ya Parkovaya ul., 60-49
105523, Russia, Moscow
Tel./Fax (7-095) 468-95-63

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